New! Patriot Pony: Thanks to a grant from the Marna M. Kuehne Foundation, CHAPS will be traveling to the Veterans' Home of Wyoming to serve veterans. In the future, other nursing homes and the Child Development Center may also benefit from such services. 

Therapeutic Riding: A traditional riding lesson in English or Western style riding that addresses goals and objectives developed in partnership with each individual participant's support team. Not only are our riders learning safe horsemanship skills, they are also developing social skills, communication skills, confidence and self esteem, overall physical fitness, balance and coordination and agility. 

Therapeutic Driving:  New in 2017, therapeutic driving is an alternative to riding for people who are not physically able to sit astride, afraid of riding or exceed our horses' weight limits. Driving focuses on core and upper body strength, spatial awareness and cognitive learning. 

Equine Assisted Learning: a mounted or non-mounted program beneficial to multiple populations such as at-risk youth, people with disabilities, people in long-term care facilities and those living with dementia. Benefits include improving memory and recall, improving fine motor, verbalization, social and relationship skills as well as correcting behavior and building self-esteem. Can also be used for team-building and corporate training.

Horses 'N' Heroesa non-mounted, group program focusing on facilitating personal skill development that helps attend to and reduces emotional reactivity,  assists in processing trauma and fosters the development of strength-based tools to work through triggers and emotions.  This program is facilitated by the horse while guided by the Equine Specialist and ​Mental Health Professional.​

Volunteer Opportunities: From equine care to painting fences, assisting with sessions or providing office support, we offer volunteer opportunities to community members ages 16 and up. Anyone interested in volunteering should call 307-673-6161 or email info@chapswyo.org for more information.

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CHAPS accepts participants aged four and up that are medically able to participate, with a diagnosed condition that will benefit from our services.

CHAPS operates on a Trimester System, and we accept applications with the following deadlines:

  • February 13 for any or all Trimesters
  • May 2 for Trimester 2 and/or 3
  • August 8 for Trimester 3 only

Patriot Pony

Horses 'N' Heroes