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Sponsoring horses is a great way to support our program!  Each horse seeks a sponsor every year to help pay for his/her vaccinations, de-wormer, hoof care and specialized medications.  Many of our horses are on their second or third career; they are donated to us because they cannot perform in their previous career anymore.  We have several horses with severe arthritis which requires a monthly shot of Adequan IM to keep them comfortable.  Others have Cushing's disease, insulin resistance, asthma, etc.  Our horses are managed very carefully under the supervision of our Barn Manager and our veterinarian.  Each horse is hand-fed a specific feed regimen each day to ensure they are getting EXACTLY what they need.  You can be a big part of our horse care by sponsoring a horse!  As a sponsor, you will be recognized on our website, social media and inside our barn.  Additionally, you receive a plaque for your home or office to display.  Contact Kristen at or 307-673-6161 to sponsor a horse today.  For horses available for sponsorhip, please see below.  


Leased from Ike & Clyde Sankey
Looking for a sponsor for 2020!

DunNo is a young horse with a big heart and slow feet.  He is a bit lazy, but that is ok.  He takes everything in stride and adjusts quickly to new things.  He is very smart and willing to learn.  We are grateful to add him to our team. 

Donated by Homer Jr and Janet Scott Family Foundation
Looking for a sponsor for 2020!

Bear is a small horse with the biggest personality. This smart and playful pony has come a long way in his three years with us and we will continue to expect great things from him. Bear is now trained to drive in our driving program.

Donated by Trinity Glasscock
Sponsored by Wheeler Family Foundation

Dennis is a veteran of the program having been with us the longest. He has the equine version of diabetes and normally looks like he is pregnant. This year, we think we found the trick to controlling his weight which means he is healthier and enjoying life much more than before.

Leased from Brett & Ashley Johnson
Looking for a 2020 Sponsor!

Tilli is our biggest horse weighing in about 1600 lbs. He is a giant teddy bear and loves attention. Tilli prefers to work with at-risk youth, but also enjoys veterans on a one-on-one basis. Group work is too much for this sensitive guy. Tili will begin driving this fall in the driving program.


Donated by Bob & Leah Olafson
Looking for a sponsor in 2020!

Winston is fairly new and is still trying to find his place. He is smart, loves attention and has such a smooth gait that he is wonderful to ride. He is sweet and calm, even when unsure, making him a perfect therapy horse. Winston came to us with arthritis and a history of laminitis, so if you are interested in sponsoring him, we would be grateful. He will be started on specialized joint medication and provided a special diet.

Donated by US Forest Service
Looking for a 2020 sponsor!

Cody is on his second career, having been a US Forest Service mount in the Big Horn Mountains. He is a solid horse with plenty of go, but his steady attitude and laid back demeanor make him a great horse to work with. Cody has advanced arthritis in his knees, but thanks to his sponsor, he is more comfortable on the specialized joint medication.

Donated by Kelly Schriebies Memorial Foundation.
Sponsored by Wayne & Sherry Buck

Ped is our all-around guy. He rides, drives and LOVES the veteran sessions. He is a sweet boy with a big heart and even bigger appetite. Ped enjoys his job and does all of it well.

Donated by Lohse Family
Sponsored by Ken & Dorie Thoma

Lynx is a fun horse who knows when to go and when to be slow. He suffers from COPD (asthma). Last summer was especially hard on Lynx with all the smoke from the wildfires, but now he has improved considerably.


Donated by Kathi Barker
Looking for a 2020 Sponsor!

Sampson continues to work with veterans teaching them to ride well. He is particularly fond of trail rides and looks forward to going out. Sampson has advanced arthritis which sometimes slows him down, but mostly he is comfortable now, thanks to specialized arthritis medication.

Donated by Veterans, Twin M Designs, Knights of Mayhem and an anonymous donor.
Sponsored by Judy & John Rueb

Feather is a little girl with a BIG attitude. She thinks she is a big horse and is alpha horse in the herd. Feather has a big job at CHAPS: she is ridden by our youngest clients, spends time in the veteran mental health sessions and travels to nursing homes and the Child Development Center serving clients unable to come to CHAPS.

Leased from Jonalee Watkins

Chachi is a "horse in a pony's body," according to his mom. He is very laid back, easy to handle and seems to enjoy our company. Chachi will be visiting the Veteran's Home of Wyoming, the Child Development Center and the Mountain View Living Center residents this winter and early spring.



´╗┐Gina, our barn manager, saddle fits the horses three times a year.   

Bear with the Colonel during a veteran EFP session.

A very fuzzy Sampson undergoing his physical exam from Dr. Sarah.

Dennis getting some acupuncture from Dr. Cindy.


Sampson and Ped enjoying the snow!

Caballo out for a trail ride.

Tilli in the "dentist chair" while Sam works on his teeth.


We are a Premier Accredited Center with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH), a global authority and advocate for equine-assisted activities and therapies that inspire and enrich the human spirit. 

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