Donated by Pat Creswell
Sponsored by Cloud Peak Energy

Sabre is our gentleman. He is patient, quiet and kind. Sabre loves attention and is training to be a hippotherapy horse. He traveled to Special Olympics, WYO Rodeo and Tractor Supply Co demonstrations this year.

Donated by Homer Jr and Janet Scott Family Foundation

Bear is our smallest horse and has bonded with our biggest horse. He is a little horse with a big personality! He has big step and loves to play with Tilli and Frank.
Bear's favorite work is with the veterans.   

Donated by Trinity Glasscock
Sponsored by the VFW Foundation

Dennis is our "miniature" Belgian. He stands 15 hands, but is still at the top of the pecking order.  He enjoys trail rides and working with the veterans.  

Dennis attends WYO, Special Olympics and Tractor Supply Demos.  


Leased from Brett & Ashley Johnson

Tilli comes from a military family in Montana. He is a big sweetheart and loves to be groomed.  

Tilli enjoys riding lessons and eating (not surprising since he weighs about 1600 lbs)! 

Donated by Scott Leonard
Sponsored by Cloud Peak Energy

Frank is named for "ole Blue eyes" as he has two blue eyes. Frank enjoys naps and dreams loudly.

Frank is our smooth mover and is perfect for our clients working on core strength.  He is patient and careful making him a great therapy horse.  
Frank must retire in November 2017. 

Donated by Kathi Barker

Sampson is a draft cross with the patience of Job.  He used to be the "kids" horse, riding six kids at a time. 
Sampson is a phenomenal therapy horse and loves his job.  He is perfect for walk, trot, canter and loves trail rides. 

Donated by Kelly Schriebies Memorial Foundation.
Sponsored by Wayne & Sherry Buck

Ped is our go-to guy. He loves his job and is very intuitive to people's needs making him great with veterans.

Ped rides, drives and does non-mounted lessons making him our all-around guy! 

Donated by Lohse Family

Lynx is a Quarter Horse raised in the Powder River country.  He was a ranch horse until he developed COPD.  He loves attention and is very happy here at CHAPS. 

Lynx likes the veteran trail rides and excelled in Special Olympics this year.          

Donated by US Forest Service
Sponsored by Sandra Olsson & Juthann Self
Cody is on his second career, having been a US Forest Service mount in the Big Horn Mountains.  He is a solid horse with plenty of go, but his steady attitude and laid back demeanor make him a great horse to work with.  

Donated by Dr. Jeffrey Wray, D.D.S.
Sponsored by 3C Total Feeds 
Woody is a small guy with a big heart. He is eager to please and is willing to follow his leader anywhere. He likes to hold his tongue between his teeth and eating is his favorite pastime.

Leased from Bruce & Teresa Davidson
Sureen is the only girl in the herd. She is quiet and kind. Sureen rides and drives so she will be quite busy at CHAPS!

We always appreciate the generous donations that come from our community! The CHAPS program couldn't continue with out you and our Horses. If you would like to help sponsor the care, feeding and veterinarian fees for 'one of the guys,' download the sponsorship form or contact us directly!

Ped getting a pedicure from Colter Manley Farrier Services.


Dennis with his work of "art."  Our horses' artwork was auctioned off at our spring fundraiser. 

A very fuzzy Sampson undergoing his physical exam from Dr. Sarah. 
Sabre getting some acupuncture from Dr. Cindy.
Sampson and Ped enjoying the snow! 
Sureen taking the men for a ride!
Tilli in the "dentist chair" while Sam works on his teeth.