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Your donation helps in a wide variety of ways. Funds we receive help us provide participant scholarships, veterinarian care, feed, farrier services, program equipment, facility expenses and more. Donations of cash are always welcome, but other types of contributions are also important to our program. Supplies, equipment, your time or special skills are also a large factor in the continuing growth and success of CHAPS!

$20 $20 buys one 50lb bag of senior feed. Our horses are all older and require higher fat, fiber and chelated vitamins and minerals found in senior feed. One bag of senior feed will feed our horses for 2 days.
$50 will provide a ASTM-SEI safety certified helmet for one rider or driver.
$50 will provide an hour of Equine Assisted Learning for one person. 
$75 will pay for one hour of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy with our Licensed Professional Counselor. 
$75 will fill up the CHAPS work truck tank.
$250 will pay for one month's feed for 11 horses.
$250 will pay for one month's utility bills.  
$500 will pay for the trip to Special Olympics including registration fees, food for all contestants and volunteers, staff and fuel to travel.
$500 will pay for a 10-dose bottle of Adequan IM, a specialized joint medication for the horses with severe arthritis.
$1000 $1000 will pay for one horse's yearly hay, veterinary care and hoof care (horse sponsorship) or one trimester scholarship.
$1800 $1800 pays for one month's lease
$3000 $3000 will pay for 1 one-year scholarship.

CHAPS Wish List 
Operational Funding
Scholarship Funding - Seniors, Riding/Driving and Veterans
ATV or UTV for dragging arenas and hauling the manure spreader
Grass hay - small squares or large rounds
                                                                        Updated 10/14/18 

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CHAPS is a Registered 501(c)(3) organization through the IRS. 

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." ~ Winston Churchill